Jan Zorman  printmaker   installation   artist

Artist Statement

I began as a painter but early on in my artwork I became intrigued with the idea of creating three-dimensional work that viewers could see through and see from a number of perspectives. My images grew out of the canvas to become frames to look through. I explored the manipulation of images to explore the manipulation of perception. In moving to printmaking I'm still captivated by the power of a line. Although my three-dimensional installations are by their nature abstract - lines and planes in space- I've come to see that the two-dimensional work adds another level of abstraction. The spaces created in the prints exist in the mind of the viewer. They lack the physical "realness" of the installations but they are able to present simple or complex mental spaces and states to inhabit. The prints can employ color and texture and images to create another level of perception. Their elements combine hopefully like the notes in a musical piece or the words in a poem to touch the inner life we all have.